(Disclaimer: Always consult your doctor before changing anything dealing with your overall health. I am not a doctor or claim to be. This is my personal experience and this is what works for me. Thanks)

Lavender oil has been my go-to for relaxation after I experienced the worst anxiety attack in my life. From that moment on, I have made it my mission focus on all areas of my life. So, I have been on a self-care journey to focus more on my health and to be the best me I can be.  If I am not physically, emotionally, and mentally well, then my home will not be well. My family is important to me, so I want to be more mindful of taking care of myself.

Taking a holistic approach to my anxiety, I have read up on essential oils and how they are beneficial to overall health. The five ways I incorporate lavender oil has provided me with a well rounded approach to staying calm and present. Lavender has relaxation properties. I use lavender throughout my home my family can benefit too. I will use my diffuser when I know I will be home for the day working. If I’m leaving the house I will wear my diffuser necklace or bracelet because we all know that when dealing with society now a days, they can really pull you from a peaceful state of mind. If I want to soak, I’ll use Epsom salt with lavender if I had a rough day. On days I’m not using my diffuser, I will light a lavender candle just to set a different atmosphere in my home.



The first option on how to incorporate lavender essential oil in your own personal space is by using an oil diffuser. When I battled anxiety when I was pregnant with my first daughter my OB-GYN doctor did not want to take prescription medication, instead to learn breathing exercises and to use a diffuser with lavender oil. (Every case is not the same, so make sure you talk with your doctor concerning your body. These are the things that were suggested by my doctor)

Essential Oil Diffuser’s have changed from what I used in the early 2000’s and are affordable. I use my diffuser in my home to create a sense of calm. My diffuser changes color and has different settings. I use my diffuser when I am soaking in the tub after a long day with my family. I may put diffuser in the bathroom just allows the lavender to permeate the room and relax my mind. My bathroom is not big, so I use two to three drops of lavender so it’s not over powering. A diffuser allows you to blend different essential oils for what you need for your life.

Necklace Diffuser

The second way to incorporate lavender essential oil in your daily routine is with jewelry. If I could take my diffuser with me when I leave my home I would. My fiancé surprised me with an
Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace and Bracelet Set. How convenient and smart. The necklace comes with pads to put your choice of essential oils on it.

I must admit I was skeptical whether or not the necklace would work and to my surprise I am able to smell the oils. I like the convenience have a diffuser that it portable and close to my senses.

Bath Salts

Being a runner in high school I am very familiar with Dr. Teals Lavender Epsom Salt because after practice or a track meet a long soak in Epsom salt was amazing for my body. I can remember seeing a glass jar of Epsom salt on in my grandmothers bathroom not knowing what she used it for. Times have changed because Epsom salt is infused with everything from eucalyptus to my current favorite lavender.  I use the lavender Epson when I want to have a good night sleep.

I will soak in the tub for about twenty to thirty minutes in the tub allowing myself to just relax. I normally do this soak after the family has gone to bed because it’s quiet in my home.


Candle’s have always been the one thing I would splurge on, especially a good quality soy candle. When I’m not using the diffuser I will light a lavender candle (or two) when snuggling up on the couch reading a book, enjoying a warm cup of tea or when I soak in the tub to relax.

Candles have always been an item I keep in my home, but I make sure it is of good quality. I want to burn candles that are not made with harmful chemicals because I don’t want to breath in something that is harmful.

DIY Massage Oil

Moving more towards a more conscious way of living I have been enjoying whipping up my own body butters and message oils. I massage my body with this simple oil before I go to bed after a long soak. This simple oil recipe only has two ingredients an carrier oil of your choice and Lavender Essential Oil . That’s it! When I make the oil I only make it when I need it. For the one use recipe I take a fourth of a cup of melted unrefined organic coconut oil with two to three drops of lavender essential oil. Again this is a recipe that can be adjusted to your liking.

I give myself a  massage only when I need the extra relaxation.  If I wanted to make a bigger batch, make sure to store in a dark container in a dark, cool place because the sunlight and artificial light will degrade the oil.

Okay these are the five ways I incorporate lavender essential oil in my daily routine. I know there are more ways to add lavender oil into your life, so be creative and explore. Forming this list came from how I can make lavender a part of my everyday life because I can feel the change and my body is receptive from the smell of lavender. Take it one at a time. Trying to incorporate all the ways can be overwhelming. I took this strong approach because I needed to get a handle of my anxiety. Your case may be different from my case so get advise from your doctor.

I have been having fun with essential oil and researching the benefits for my health. Explore and take care!

Until next time!

Stay beautiful!


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