Hello my beautiful people!

Summer has finally arrived and I’m actually excited for it to be here. I’m not happy for the heat, but I’m excited to be present in the season of summer. Being present in the season is something I am going to embrace moving forward. I’m embodying who I am becoming and to live my life unfiltered.  I am going to enjoy the summer and not have such a resentment for it. I never enjoyed spring and summer, as a matter of fact spring and summer were my least favorite seasons. But that has all changed now.

So what better way to do this is by journaling my entire summer. Taking the time to write down my thoughts and being present will allow clarity and reflection as I right down my day. I’m making an effort to focus more positive thinking and making the time to do subtle things to create the summer I will enjoy.

Now that I have a new perspective on life and embracing all things, I have changed my way of thinking and what I allow to manifest in my mind. I want to focus less on negativity, so that it will not change my positive outlook on my day. Yes, I know there will be a moment during my day when things may not go well, like if someone cuts me off in traffic, I can choose to get upset or I can choose not to allow it to effect my mood.

Having a journal this summer is about being intentional about your daily routine and writing about it. I see this as a moment to make the summer yours. Finding ways to get out of your home and do something to create a positive experience in your life. It does not have to be drastic, but something subtle like going for a walk and intentionally thinking about what is positive about your surroundings at the present moment. If you are fortunate enough to have bikes you can rent, grab one, go to park with a cool drink, a snack and a book and just read. Or ride around and explore your surroundings taking in your town from the perspective of tourist.

Write down the things you want to accomplish for the day and do it. You may conquer organizing your closet or baking your first cake, so celebrate it by writing it down and truly expressing your feelings. I have made it a habit to focus more on the things that make me happy and less on the things that upset me. So taking this step this summer to write about my experiences, feelings, goals, and personal growth will allow me to continue to grow.

So set aside some time to write this summer. Get to know yourself again. This summer is yours to conquer and explore who you are and where you are going. Be intentional, take chances and start living uncomfortable by bring yourself to do new things and be okay with the outcome. As long as it is bringing joy into your life it cannot be wrong.

I have a free printable for a few summer journaling prompts to get you started. These are topics I write about on a daily basis just to refocus my mind and connect with myself.


Let’s get out, live the summer and embrace the space we are in. Until next time!

Stay Beautiful!


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