Hello Beautiful!

Learning to unplug is necessary from time to time. Every reason is different for most people, so whatever your reason is don’t ignore it. The body has a way of giving little hints that it’s time to take a break from things that may be troubling our lives.

Once I started feeling the physical signs from my body I knew I needed to unplug for a while. I needed to get back to a space when I did not have a urgency to be connected.   My behavior before going on my electronic hiatus I was always checking Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest and falling into a trap of not accomplishing anything from my to do list and becoming anxious because there was no time left in the day to do it. I know for my experience in my life social media can be a time waster.

Taking a step back to breathe from social media will have a positive effect on your life in more ways than one. You can get back to spending time with your family, planning outings with your friends, or just knocking out task you have been putting off because time will not permit. Unplugging has changed my world completely because I have been able to focus more on my personal goals.

hand pen writing plant
Photo by Natalie B on Pexels.com

Yes, we are in the times that we need social media to run our businesses for marketing products, blog post, and upcoming events. So it’s hard to break away because it a vital source to reaching people around the world. With that being said we should not allow it to be our entire day.

cable cellphone connection device
Photo by Lukas on Pexels.com

I needed to unplug because I felt social media and my phone were hindering me from growing to my own full potential because it was distracting me from task. I would spend at least an hour or more on Pinterest scrolling through pins getting recipes, quotes, and DIY’s. I would spend hours at night watching YouTube videos and neglecting me own work. I adore twitter so tackling the temptation of not picking up my phone up made things hard. I will say I persevered.

android app blog blogging
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I decided to take time to unplug because my phone and laptop was consuming my life. I needed to stop consuming my day with other people’s thoughts, opinions, pictures, etc., so I could get back my time for me.

I didn’t fully unplug, but I do set aside two hours a day to do whatever I wanted to do on my phone or laptop that had absolutely nothing to do with my responsibilities. I needed to realize that I am a blogger and I need technology to thrive, but wasting time on things not bringing value to my life needed to stop.

Yes it’s only two hours a day but I will move up to cutting down my extra time on my phone to once a day for social media and YouTube. I have been at this for about a month and it has been therapeutic. Being a part of a society that covets our phones having a detox from it will break you from the habits of wanting to have the phone.

book bookstore close up college
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Replaces our electronics with things like reading books, taking walks, visiting your  local library, talking to our families, or even taking time to meditate brings you back to when things were simple and care free.

Give it a try! Unplug from your electronics and see the possibilities open up in your life. Let’s get back to having conversations with out families. Eating dinner together at the table without the distractions. Take time to enjoy life from the perspective of your own experience.

Stay Beautiful!



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