Hello Beautiful!

I have been a busy women and wanting to learn everything about Ayurveda. Doing the research and reading so many books I feel like my spirit has lead me to Ayurveda. I always say life gives you bread crumbs to the next life experience you should explore. We are forever evolving and the things I was interested in five years ago no longer interest me now.

I began this journey with Ayurveda when I started seeing it everywhere from the blog post I would read, random magazine articles in the doctors office, and hearing conversations about it. I took those coincidences and made choice to learn. So far I have been loving everything about Ayurveda.

There is so much to Ayurveda so it can be overwhelming at times because it is so much information to sift through.  There is so much to learn from the different foods to eat if you are having issues with your body. The importance of oils like coconut oils and olive oils for things like body butter, hair oils and putting it in recipes. Here is a typical morning routine I do with Ayurveda inspired practices.

Showing Gratitude

First thing in the morning before I meditate I show gratitude before I start my day. Starting the day off with saying how grateful you are for the things in your life will allow appreciation for where you are in your life. Most people are always down thinking about the things they do not have. Instead of treasuring the things they do have.

At one point in my life I was doing the same thing. I wanted pity, started be angry about why my life is not where it should be, or complaining about the things that I wanted but did not have. Being in the state of my being grateful can evolve into a sickness and it’s hard to cure yourself from it if you don’t get control of your mind.

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So I will either say at least six things I am grateful for every morning before I do anything else along with my prayers. When I have a few extra minutes I will write down what I am grateful for just as a keep sake to always remind myself that material possessions are nice to have but they can never replace the people in your life.


After aligning my mind and my heart I will stretch my body. After sleep in one position the whole night it’s great to loosen up the kinks in the neck and back. During my stretch I will do my breathing exercises and focus on my breathing. Stretching loosen up my body so when I do yoga later in the morning my body is already warmed up.

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When I do my stretching I like to start in the bed and work my way to the floor the touch my toes. I will stretch for about two to three minutes just be in the moment. The concentrate on what I am doing.

Tongue Scrapping/Oil Pulling/ Brush Teeth

Before eating and drinking in the morning I will tongue scrap. Tongue scrapping will remove any toxins your body has gotten rid of while sleeping. Using a tongue scrapper or the back of a spoon stroke the tongue from front to back. I will scrape my tongue about twelve times. Next oil pull with coconut oil that is unrefined, organic, and non-GMO. Oil pulling is an ancient Indian method of cleansing the mouth and teeth from parasites and bacteria. I was not aware of this practice until I read about the benefits of oil pulling (Note: consult your doctor/dentist when trying new things concerning your body). I take one tablespoon of organic, non-GMO, virgin coconut oil swish it around in my mouth for twenty mins and spit into the trash. Do not swallow the oil because it contains bacteria from your mouth.

After I oil pull I will brush my teeth with a toothpaste that is all natural, non-GMO, and organic. I have been using Tom’s toothpaste at the moment, but I have been researching how to make my own. After brushing I will rinse with combination of a teaspoon of baking soda mixed in a cup of water.

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I have seen a difference in my dental hygiene since I have oil pulling. I have had less plaque and my overall mouth just feel clean.

Tea and Breakfast

During the time I am oil pulling I will multi-task by starting my breakfast and preparing my tea. My tea of choice will be chamomile or caffeine free tea with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and a thin slice of ginger. I drink apple cider vinegar with my tea to detox my body. Or if I’m out of tea I will have warm water, lime, and a tablespoon of coconut oil.

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For breakfast I will have some oats topped with nuts, chia seeds, flax seeds, dried fruit, cinnamon, and maple syrup with a splash of almond milk. I am vegan so I try to eat very clean in the mornings. If I don’t feel like having oats I’ll drink a high protein smoothie.

Yoga and Mediation

Once I have finished eating I will get into my yoga gear and do yoga. This is the time I can’t wait to start. I am new at yoga so it’s taking me time to grasp all the different concepts of yoga, but from what I have been experiencing gives be a reason to continue to learn and grow with yoga.

I can see why most people that practice yoga always have a tenderness about them. They always seem to be centered and in control of their thoughts. They are very patient and you can tell they have balance in their life.

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I always thought yoga was about being flexible and bending the body in those poses. I never thought it was about being centered and being present in the moment. I do my daily yoga with a Youtuber called Yoga With Adriene. She is amazing. She teaches yoga for people who want to practice yoga but are intimidated to go to the yoga classes.  Being in the privacy of your own home makes yoga less scary.

This is my Ayurvedic routine. It’s not glamorous by any means. I’m still learning and understanding Ayurveda. This is a routine that most people are already doing, but now you have a name to it. Be inspired! Until next time!

Stay Beautiful!



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