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I was listening to a podcast the other day about the power of your words. Whether your words are spoken out into the world or what you are saying in your mind. Words have a way of taking on a life of their own. So, choosing the right words to speak about our self will always matter.

I first heard of the “I AM” phase one afternoon watching Oprah Winfrey Super Soul Sunday. They were having a discussion about the power of using “I AM” into ourselves. It was a great program, but I did not take the time to reflect on what I just watched. So I pushed that powerful information to the side and never thought about it again.

A couple of years later I fell into a space in my life when I felt like everything I was doing was wrong. I thought I was not a good mother, I felt like I could never have the things I desired, I hated my job, I spoke bad about myself when people would ask how I was doing, and to be quite honest I belittled myself any chance I could. I was no longer happy about my life circumstances, so I felt justified about they way I felt about myself.

I know, it’s not healthy to feel that way about yourself, but when life seemed to be treating me unfairly I sunk into a life of self pity and sadness.

One day I was sitting in my living room giving myself time to relax before work, while  surfing through the channels and I came across the same Oprah Winfrey program talking about the power of “I AM“. The coincidence of the program being on at that moment scared me because during my prayer time I asked God for help. I was at my lowest point and I no longer wanted to do it alone. Finding myself watching that program I had a feeling of peace over my life. I grabbed a pen and paper and wrote down everything I could because I knew this was for me.

I learned that the words we speak over our lives in ways gives us the perspective of our lives. So, if we are saying we are fat, ugly, lazy, useless, worthless, etc., we begin to feel that way. When we are saying those things about ourselves we are not speaking life into our lives. We are speaking to negativity and hopelessness.

So the power of “I AM” is to speak words of life into our lives. Saying things like “I AM worthy” or ” I AM beautiful” we are speaking words of life and words that are true. After watching the program I went into my bathroom, looked myself in the mirror and told myself “I AM saved“.  I cried that morning because I saved myself from my own self-destruction I was doing to myself.

From that moment forward I began to speak truth and power into my life. I broke the habit of negative thoughts with the help of the faith I thought I had lost long ago. Every morning I wake up and thank the Lord for the day and saying who “I AM“. I have found peace. I have found myself again. I am focusing on the power of words I am speaking over my life because there is nothing greater feeling of saddness than feeling hopeless and believing it.

So where do you stand with the words you speak into your life? Are you speaking words of life into your life? Words have a way of holding us prisoner of our minds and feeding a false narrative about our lives. So lets speak more truth and positivity over our life and choose to be happy.

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I challenge you to speak “I AM” every morning for a week and believe what you say.


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