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Hello Autumn!

I love Autumn. It’s my favorite season of the year. Autumn for me is a time to reflect on the seasons before. A time to cozy up on the sofa in your comfy pajamas and journal your thoughts or read a book.

  As a stay at home mom I realized time was valuable and taking a fraction of that time to put on a mask was not on my to-do list. 

Self-care has been a term I will never take for granted in my life moving forward. Up until now I did not realize how important it is to take time for yourself.

Now, that I have started my wellness journey, fall is the perfect time to create a new self-care routine. Life begins to slow down after the summer months, so getting a routine to focus on yourself is essential.

Why create a Self-Care box?

Self-care is the most important thing you could ever do for your mind, body and spirit. If you are a woman like me with a busy mind and working on ways to calm anxiety, then a self-care box is for you. Because if you need just a tiny minute or two to escape, to let go of all the worries, stress, and anger why not have a box that will cater to your needs.

You need to reset. You need to take a moment to breathe, focus the mind, and recenter yourself. To show gratitude in your own personal gratitude journal.

I don’t mean pick up the phone and start scrolling through Instagram or Twitter because it’s not helping with anxiety or calming the mind. If anything it may be making matters worse.


Instead of reaching for your electronic device to feed your anger, anxiety, or fear into social media, try reaching for your personal box and taking care of yourself.

Creating your self-care box allows for healthy habits and choices to put start putting yourself first. To make the effort of putting your well being in the forefront of your life.

Taking responsibility of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions will allow reflection and taking care of things you may be neglecting in your life.

What should you put into your Self-Care box?

First and foremost I like to start with a theme for my box. I ask myself a few questions like:

“What is it I want to work on this season with my self-care?” “Where in my life am I having difficulties coping with?” ” What do I need to focus more on?” “How can I work on my mind, body, and spirit?”

After answering these questions, I based everything I want in my box around my answers. This Autumn I have decided to focus on gratitude/journaling, taking walks, learn lettering, reading a book, and baking, just to name a few. Or even try some diy non-toxic beauty products.


This self-care box is your own personal box. You can customize it to where you are in your life. It’s about what you need for yourself. You may set a goal for yourself to focus on walking more.

You may place a small notepad and a speedometer in your box, so when you go for your walk you can track and log your progress.

This box is about your needs and what will be used to make your box your very own.

Book ideas for your self-care box

I love to read. Books can be a great starting point for your box. You may want to finish a book you put down a few years back or break open that cookbook you bought when you wanted to learn how to cook.

Self-care can be as easy as reading a book for five minutes or striving to complete a chapter a day. Here are some ideas I personally own and others may inspire you.

Depending on what kind of books you enjoy you have so many options like; self-help, learn calligraphy, cooks books, inspirational books, I mean the choices are endless.

Learning calligraphy has allowed me to focus my mind on mastering a new skill. Plus I’ll be able to make chic wall art I see on Pinterest.

Cookbooks are another way to practice self-care because you are focusing the mind on the following the recipe. I find cooking to be very therapeutic. Why? you may ask, because food is involved! Of Course! Find cook books that will inspire you to eat new things.

Make a challenge out it, to cook all the recipes in a cookbook. While doing this you are creating another healthy habit of commitment to complete a goal you set for yourself.

And after you have complete the cookbook write about it. Say what recipes you love and will definitely be a staple in your home. Or write about the recipes you may not have liked so much.

Other books you may like may be for self-improvement, self-care, novels, poetry books, and journals.

These are only suggestions, so feel free to expand on what I have here.

Beginning my wellness journey I began reading up on Ayurveda. After diving into principles and practices of Ayurveda, I am learning how herbs, meditation, oils, and knowing your dosha play vital roles in your life.

The books I have listed are books that have inspired me to connect with myself and to learn about different things. Books are mainly a tool to find what you can learn from them.

Planning Self-Care

Planning ahead for self-care is essential. But don’t turn it into a strict routine that can never change. Take the time when you have the time. Even if it’s only when the children are off to bed and the house it quiet or when the children are in school.

Having a support system is great when you are trying to take care of yourself because you will feel supported by your family and friends. If you are a woman like me, I hardly ask for help. I hardly take time for myself because I feel like others need me more.


So asking your spouse, grandparents, aunts or uncles to watch the children for an at least thirty minutes to an hour at least once a week or every other week will create balance and a since of togetherness. And remember to always pay it forward.

Carving out time to self-reflect and have personal time is what many of us need. To take time to show ourselves the love and attention we so freely give to others without hesitation.

Now, we can all agree that a self-care box is essential to your mental well-being? Can we agree that having a self-care box is worth trying out? Tell me what you would put in your own self-care box?

Self-care doesn’t have to be complicated. It takes dedication and commitment to start looking after your well-being. Being kind to yourself, give yourself a compliment, and taking the time to rest.


The only limit you can have when making your own personal self-care box is the limits you place on yourself.

Truly embrace and create habits that will bring more balance into your life. Have fun with this. Be creative! Take care.

Stay Beautiful!



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  1. Great tips and ideas for creating the perfect self-care box! I like the idea of having a theme and working from there. Im adding this project to do this weekend! Thank you for sharing!

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