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Starting my wellness journey I learned early on eating healthy would need to be apart of my self-care routine. I am a plant base eater, so I deiced to share what I eat day. These are meals that are easy and quick.

The meals can also be adapted to your lifestyle and to your taste preference. I like for meals to be simple and easy. I’m not to fussy about what I eat as long as it taste good and it doesn’t take all day to cook.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for most but to be honest I don’t eat a heavy breakfast during the spring and summer months. I like to have a smoothie or fruit because I don’t like the heaviness of breakfast when its so hot outside. During the fall months I like to eat breakfast whether it’s french toast topped with fruit and warm maple syrup or steel cut oats.

I started this day with steal cut oats, topped with almonds, blueberries, flax-seeds, chia seeds, cacao nibs, a drizzle of maple syrup, and  a half cut of flax milk. I also had a tiny bit of dairy free yogurt topped with blueberries. flax-seeds and chia seeds are rich in Omega 3’s and 6 as well as fiber. They are a great addition for meal you may cook for yourself. The cacao nibs are a great source of iron and fiber. So this bowl is packed with tones of fiber and omegas. Who wouldn’t want a bowl of this on a nice cool Autumn morning?

I love oats during the Autumn and Winter months because it’s hearty and filling. and it just feels cozy.


Lunch for me is about making food quick. So I will typically make a noodle dish. I am a sucker for a stir fry. It’s quick and simple. For this recipe I used rice noddles, a frozen veggies, and a sauce of your choice. I used a vegan jar sauce I found at my local grocery store.

I like to prep my lunches a day in advance if I need to cook or reheat. So I will cut up my fresh veggies like red onion and garlic.

Having all my favorite veggies in stir-fry is all the reason to eat it.

After putting everything together I’ll top with sesame seeds and almonds. Yummy!


Dinner is normally light, I grew up in the south so I love beans. For dinner I ate beans and basmati rice, vegan corn bread, and a green salad. Most of what I eat I use in different meals during the week. The beans I can put in a burrito or make a vegan chili.

For the most part my meals are simple and super flavorful. I make what I like. Now that I’m on my wellness journey I wanted to make sure every area of my life is being addressed. What I’m putting into my body and on my body.

Snack Time

I love snacks. Even if it’s sliced seedless cucumbers tossed in cider vinegar mixed together. I found my newly favorite snack. Popcorn!!! I never liked popcorn when I was younger because it never appealed to me. Not until I discovered Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP.

They have different flavor varieties, but my favorite is the sweet and salty kettle corn. When I tell you that you may finish the entire bag in one sitting….you will! They are so yummy.

I have not tried the other flavors because they are not vegan but I’m sure they are just as delicious. For my drink I like to have a Kombucha to continue to help with my digestion.

This is my life in a day food addition. I love food and I hope that you are inspired to make your own foods if possible. It saves money and also allows for you to create or recreate your favorite fast food meals.

Take care and stay beautiful!

xox, Teniqua

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