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Fall is finally here! The weather is great and it’s time to bake. But it’s also a perfect time to “create a purpose list”. I never liked the term “bucket list” so I decided I wanted to create a purpose list.

So this list is complied of things I feel give me purpose in life.I want to create meaning and memories is the season of Autumn.

For my purpose list I am going to volunteer, create both short/long-term goals, organize my life, completing a project I started then abandoned, read a different genre of books, spending quality time with family, go on fall nature walks, and bake!


For my first purpose I want to volunteer more at my children’s school. Teachers do so much with our children and sometimes they can get overwhelmed like any parent.

building ceiling classroom daylight Volunteering my time in my children’s classroom is a time to give back. To give a helping hand wherever I’m needed. With volunteering I am able to create more of a bond with my children because I am showing them I am supportive.

In return can be something they will do for their children. Creating memories of togetherness.

Now that the Autumn months are upon us schools will have lot’s of actives planned like; fall festivals, dances, and classroom activities. Giving my time is something my mom has always instilled in me. Now I want to be that example to my children to volunteer whenever they are needed.

Creating Short/Long Term Goals

My second purpose is to set goals to achieve this fall. To make an effort to take control of my life and be held accountable. I made the mistake in the past when listing my goals, they were not attainable goals. And I would fall into a cycle of not achieving my goals.

So this time I am making sure I’m setting realistic goals for myself. Goals that will build towards my long term goals.

Creating my goals will allow me to see purpose moving forwards towards the greater goals for my life and my family.

Get Organized

I came across a quote on Pinterest that read:

My mind is like my internet browser: 19 tabs open, 3 of them frozen, and I have no idea where the music is coming from ... SO true for me!

Is that not the cutest thing ever? I laughed so much because I completely get it. It’s the way feel my mind operates. I feel like I’m all over the place at times. This season I’m making it my purpose to organize my life.

Needing to organize my home as well as my mind is needed. My purpose to organize is to make sure everything is tidy in my life. This fall I want to make time to organize any area of my life that needs more attention.

Making time to organize your life will allow in a way to focus on things you may have abandoned or completely ignore.

So my purpose to organize is to tidy up. Organize my blog, magazine/book collection, and my personal life. Having everything in it’s place hopefully and making good habits to take organized will make life a lot more simpler.

Completing an Abandoned Project

Early summer I started creating a workbook for myself to guide me through my life. I wanted a place to write my thoughts, answer thought provoking questions, and set goals for myself.

It’s a workbook that would allow me to reflect, make changes and create the life I want. This workbook is for seeing the beauty of my life, to make time for myself, and dare to dream big.

So my purpose is to complete projects that I started and put away for whatever reason.

It’s about the bigger picture and completing this workbook will show I can complete something that will be amazing.

Read More

I have been reading lot’s of inspirational books as of lately. Now I want to read different books.

Reading is so freeing and gives the mind a chance to use your imagination. My purpose is to open my mind to different types of books and view points. Maybe a thriller or mystery book. Or a few autobiographies.

Reading has transformed my life more ways I could ever imagine.

My purpose for reading is to continue to learn and grow.  To be inspired by others stories while creating my own.

Taking time to read means taking a break from my own realty to dive into the imagination of someone else’s. To escape for a moment to go to India while reading The Namesake or Eat. Pray. Love

I have been reading a book call The Little book of HyggeHygge is basically having a sense of comfort, togetherness and well-being. So basically a state of coziness and with having the feeling of wellness and contentment in life. The Danes are smart people. From what is being told is that the Danes are the happiest people in the world and I want a piece of it.

Family Time

So I’m starting my purpose with learning everything there is to know about Hygge. What better place to incorporate this way of being is by starting with my family, which is the most important purpose for me this fall is to spend time with family outside the home as well as do things they like to do.

Spending time together creates memories and a bond that can never be broken. Whether we go to a pumpkin patch, go to a high school foot ball game, or enjoy an activity in the community.

A quiet night at home playing gold fish or uno (a family favorite). Family time does not have to be complicated, just make a big bowl of popcorn and watch a family movie.

Go for Fall Nature Walks

I love Autumn, but I have not truly experienced the season. I want to be in nature this season. Go for walks, take pictures, and enjoy my city.

forest meadow leaves autumn

Doing things a simple as going for a walk shows appreciation for your surroundings.  I have been learning photography so Fall is the perfect time to practice.

Taking pictures of the leaves that have fallen from the trees. The squirrels looking for food for winter. Sunsets from the bays and watching the birds fly over the waters.

There are so many things to capture in this season, so why not get out and witness it.

Bake More

For as long as I can remember I have always loved to bake. I never really took it seriously or ventured to far from baking cookies, so I am going to put my cook books to use.

There’s nothing like your home smelling of cookies, brownies, and pies. My favorite things to bake are cinnamon rolls. They can be made in so many different ways from sweet potato to chocolate chip.

My purpose for baking is to reconnect with a part of myself that loves to bake. My favorite show on Netflix is The Great British Baking Show. The show is a competition about baking.

And at the end they select a winner.

It’s inspiring because the contestants are amateur and semi-professional bakers given a chance to prove they are exceptional bakers.

Baking makes me happy, so my purpose is to do what makes me happy this Autumn. Get back to the things I have tucked away all these years and return to what makes my spirit ignite.

Creating purpose means to have a reason for all things in your life. To know you are needed somewhere, by someone or even for yourself.

I love the sound of my purpose because its bringing me to realize I have a purpose in life. Even though it’s a smaller piece of a bigger picture.

So for an example I love to bake, that may turn into baking things for my children’s school for an event I volunteer for. Knowing that I fit into a space where I am needed gives me a since of purpose to continue to grown and learn.

To perfect my craft. To organize my life to prepare for the things that are coming into my life.

So what is your purpose for this fall? How can you create meaning in your life?

As always take care. Until next time.

Stay Beautiful



4 thoughts

      1. My goals for October are to get ahead and schedule as many blog posts as I can. And if possible make a start on blogmas ideas. I’d also like to include more pictures in my blogs so I’m going to play about with my camera! On a personal level I need to catch up with so many things on Netflix 😂


      2. I love your drive. I try to do as much as I can during the week so I can have the weekend to myself to be with my family and spend time. Netflix is adding so many different movies and series I can hardly keep up. So this weekend is going to be filled with fun, snacks, movies, and love from my family! You have also reminded me I need to start my ideas for blogmas as well. You rock!


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