Fear no longer has power over my life! Stepping away from fear is an unsettling feeling especially when you have no control over the outcome.

I know we all have struggled with that old friend called fear. He or she has a way of always being there your life at the worst possible time. Fear is a false feeling in our mind that keeps us in a state of stillness when we should be growing.
I have been dealing with fear as long as I can remember. It has hindered me in areas in my life that I know I could be stronger. I can’t count how many times fear has kept me from expressing my thoughts to people in my life. I feared feelings would be hurt, so I kept my thoughts to myself. Fear is natural because we are human. Fear protects us from harm and danger. I finally realized I could no longer live my life in fear. I was tired of not taking chances in life because I fear. I made a plan to work on ways  to conquer my fear.

First things first I made a commitment to myself that I no longer wanted fear to be the dominate felling of my life. I started by telling myself that fear no longer ruled my life. Then I wrote down everything I feared in my life.

After I wrote everything down, I went line by line and wrote what and/or why I felt this way. For example one item was I could never start a blog. The fear was that it would not be a success and no one would read my content. Now that I have started I have found that my fear was not helping me, it was hindering me. I may not have big audience but I am grateful for the reader’s that stop by to read my content. When I completed the reasons why I then went back to the top of my list and wrote down the good that could come from each fear. Looking at my list I realized that the things that caused me fear were things that I had not control over or hadn’t happened because I never started. As I looked further I realized that most of the things listed were things I wanted to do three years prior so then I realized that if I never started working towards my dreams they would never come to fruition.
The last and finally thing I needed was to give myself time to deal with my fears. I am allowing myself to acknowledge my fears and be OK with feeling the way I feel. Once I have taking control of my thoughts and fears I work on finding the positive outcome of whatever fear I’m dealing with a the moment. I will say that I’m not walking around in a manic state and keeping myself in the house. I’m talking about the fear of doing new project or putting myself out there. Fear is still apart of my life, but it’s not my main focus. It’s taken a back seat and making an appearance when needed. It’s a long process and takes time. Looking back on all the things I never started based on a feeling of failure, criticism, and fear has kept me back all these years I realized that I have wasted time. I am facing my fears and things are not as scary as I made them out to be. To have an understanding that fear sets in first instead having courage to start. How has fear played a role in your life? How has fear held you back from accomplishing goals? And how do you deal with your fear? Until next time! Stay beautiful! xoxo, Teniqua

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  1. Love this post and can relate! I had the fear of starting a blog and I am glad I did. Once you change the way you think there are so much things to achieve


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