Fall has always been my favorite time of year along with winter. I love to be cozy in my home watching movies or reading. Being with the people you love and being together. And the best way to do that is to watch movies and eat snacks!

Another reason I love Fall is because I was born into the season. Yes, I am a Halloween baby and proud!

So here is my list of movies that have been a yearly must watch ritual in my house. Even if I am the only one watching. Most of the movies are old classics and what I grew up watching as a child. So without further adieu here we go!

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Fall Movies

Fall movies for me has to be the ones that give you the feeling of fall. I couldn’t watch any of these movies during the spring or summer because it would feel weird.

Stepmom. Stepmom as got to be my all time favorite because it really pulls at your heart strings. The movie addresses the trials and tribulations of a divorced couple, their children, and the new love in his life.

The movie gives the perspective off all parties involved when dealing with divorce from the children, to the divorced parents and the girlfriend. It is a must see movies this fall and maybe it will become a favorite in your home.

Fantastic Mr. Fox. Okay I must say I do have children and this has got to be the cutest movie to watch on Thanksgiving or anytime during the fall months.

This movie has everything for everyone. It’s about a sly fox that is tired of living poor. So he decides to do something about it. Mr. Fox starts to steal from farmers and in return the farmers rage a war against the fox. Adorable movie and I’m sure anyone that watches will smile or laugh at least once.

Steel Magnolias. Steal Magnolias has been a favorite of mines since I was a little girl watching it on Lifetime with my mother. It’s a homey movie with humor, tragedy, and a since of togetherness.

It’s based in Louisianan about a group of women who are best friends that love to gossip and play around through the good and bad times in life.

Dan in Real Life. Dan in Real Life is a movies I came across during my many nights fighting insomnia. I love Steve Carell as an actor so I gave it a shot.  It’s a great film about a single father who writes advice columns. He is trying to raise three daughters on his own and facing the fact they are growing up with or without him.

This movies inspires everything you would want for the holidays. Togetherness, family, trials, tears, laughter, and traditions. With a few plot twist I’m sure you will love this movie as much as I do. At-least I hope.

Halloween Movies

Halloween. I’m a Halloween baby and of course Halloween will be on my list. I love the nostalgia of the film, from the wardrobe, the setting of the movie, and the fact that it’s not too scary but gives you the creeps at the same time.

Jamie Lee Curtis and her friends make the movie so believable. The movie is about a man escaping a mental institution and out to kill.

Hocus Pocus. Hocus Pocus is the classic 90’s film I remember growing up. Every Halloween from elementary up until high school we always watched in class.

It’s about three witches brought back from the dead by a virgin. This movie has become a family favorite in my house. It’s a great family movie without all the blood and gore. Filled with humor, trick or treating and of course Bette Midler gives us a great sing along number in the movie which is classic to me.

The Nightmare Before Christmas. I don’t know who doesn’t like The Nightmare Before Christmas. This another classic 90’s film I grew up watching and now my children love it as well.

It has always been a topic for debate whether the movie a Christmas movie or Halloween movie. I’ll let you decide for yourself, but its about a pumpkin king longing to find something missing in his life. He discovers Christmas and does everything in his power to make Christmas for everyone.

The Exorcist. The Exorcist was probably the first scary movie I watched as a kid. It scared me then and still creeps me out today.

The movie is about a little girl that becomes possessed by an entity and her mom is doing all she can to save her daughter.

I remember back in 2009 I actually say the real house in Virginia. The famous stone steps outside the home has been blocked up now. A gas station is behind the house at the bottom of the steps. I wasn’t able to get pictures but seeing the house is still in my memory.

The Witches. The Witches is another film I watched growing up. I will say its a family film to watch because my children love the film.

It’s about a little boy taking a holiday with his grandmother at a hotel. He happens to stumble upon witches in the hotel that turn him into a mouse. It’s a cute film and will always be favorite of mines for years to come.


Rosemary’s Baby.  Rosemary’s Baby is another movie that I happen to find while channel surfing one night. It’s a classic film. I love the nostalgia of the film.

The movie is about a woman who becomes pregnant, but she later finds out her pregnancy not what she thinks it is.

The Shining. My last film is The Shinning. I love Jack Nicholson in this movie. This movie has isolation, ghost, a family, and snow. I mean what could go wrong.

I love this movie because of the suspense and the holding of my breathe during some sense in the movie. It’s not to bloody and gory. It’s the perfect movie to watch if you want a scare.

Okay that completes my list of Fall and Halloween movies. I have so many I wanted to list but these are the movies I could watch over and over and never grow tired of them.

What are your favorite Fall and Halloween movies?

Enjoy and tell me if you have watched any of the movies I have listed. Start a collection of movies and make it a tradition in your family to spend time watching moves this fall.

Stay Beautiful!



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