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It’s that time of year!

Are you looking for a meaningful gift for someone who has made self-care and wellness the main focus for their life? Or you could be looking for a gift to give your wife, sister, best-friend, aunt, or mother who seems to never take time for themselves.

Well look no further!  

Here is a list of  meaningful wellness and self-care gift ideas for her! 

1. Bathtub Caddy Tray

Wouldn’t be nice to relax in a warm tub reading your favorite novel? This bath tray is a wonderful idea for those that wish to enjoy some relaxation in the tub by reading, enjoy a glass of wine, or using a laptop to watch their favorite series on Netflix. 

2. Bath Bomb Gift Set

Bath bombs have taken bath time to a whole new level. They are the current must have right now. These bombs have been crafted for relaxation for your next soak! This is the perfect gift for those wanting an added bonus for bath time.

3. Bubble Bath

Who doesn’t love a bubbly bubble bath? This bubble bath has a calming soothing scent of lavender and lemon to make your bath time retreat feel more relaxing!  

4. Bath Oil

Bath oils are an added bonus to a great soak in the tub. This rose bath oil is filled with rose petals and essentials oils. This product is chemical free and a great gift for those wanting to add a little luxury to their bath time routine! 

5. Bath Salts

Calming the mind and body with San Francisco Salt Co. sleep lavender bath salts is what we all need to pamper, relax and distress from a long day. 

6. Hand and Body Scrub

The body needs a great scrub. Shea Moisture’s hand and body scrub scrubs away dead skin cells and leaves the skin feeling nourished and moisturized. Plus it smells amazing! 

7. Cleansing Bar

The clay cleaning bar is a must have by Herbivore Botanicals. This duel face/cleansing clay bar draws out impurities and toxins from within the body. It’s cruelty free and 100% natural! 

8. Exfoliating Bath Set

Time to exfoliate! Dry brushing has become apart of my daily routine since practicing Ayurveda. This is exfoliating set is cruelty free and all you need to give your body the added circulation from dry brushing. 

9. Lip Scrub

Are you looking for an organic and cruelty free lip scrub? Try the French Girl Organic rose lip polish. It’s the winter season so show your lips some love! 

10. Facial Mask

 Spa Day! Mask are a great gift idea for those taking extra care of their skin and enjoy pampering themselves after a long stressful day. 

11. Under Eye Mask

 Is your face showing signs of lack of sleep?  The under eye mask is the perfect gift for those wanting to give their under eye area some much needed tlc. 

12. Facial Spray

Feeding and nourishing the skin is essential. This organic facial spray is perfect to add to your daily facial routine.

13. Soy Candles

Candles are always a great way to change the atmosphere in the home.  This candles gift set has been crafted for the four seasons. The candles are paraben and cruelty free! The perfect gift! 

14. Essential Oils

Do you know someone who loves essential oils. This gift set is amazing if they have not mastered blending essential oils! 

15. Essential Oil Diffuser

This differ is the perfect gift for someone who loves essential oils as much as I do. Perfect for any home or office to fill the room with the blends of essential oils of your choice. 

16. Fragrance Diffuser

This is diffuser is not your traditional reed differs! A cute cactus for a desk that will change the atmosphere of the space your in. 

17. Diffuser Necklace and Bracelet Set

Do you love your diffuser? Now you can smell your favorite essential oils throughout the day with this necklace and bracelet set. 

18. A Comfy Robe

What women doesn’t need a comfy robe to wear around the house? This robe is a must have for comfort and style!  

19. Slippers

Be prepared for those cold winter nights with warm slippers to wear around the house. Give the gift of warmth and comfort with these memory foam fluffy house slippers!  

20. Comfy Socks

Nothing says comfy like socks! Give the gift of extra coziness! 

21. Sleep Mask

If total darkness is whats needed for your sleep try a sleep mask! 

22. Aromatherapy Mist

If you need help relaxing or trying to sleep try Relax aromatherapy mist on your linens before you close your eyes to sleep at night. With the sent of lavender and chamomile this mist will sure help for those sleepless nights. 

23. Comfy Throw Blanket

Nothing says comfort like cosying up on the sofa with a comfy throw.  Whether on a winter night by the fire or just to snuggle up while reading a favorite novel. 

24. Tea

Having a cup of tea is warming to the soul if you have a love for tea. This is a perfect way to introduce loose tea to the tea connoisseur in your life. 

25. Tea Pot Set

Do you love to have a glass of warm tea after a long day? Or even throughout the day? This glass tea set is perfect for blooming tea flowers to make tea time extra special. 

26. Wellness Planner

Does she like planners and keeping track of her fitness? This planner is all she needs. This wellness planner has everything needed for keeping track of fitness goals as well as meal planning. This planner is perfect to document self-care and wellness journey. 

27. Gratitude Journal

Having a morning routine of showing gratitude for the things in life will set the tone for the rest of your day. Five minutes is all you need to recognize the most important things in life to be grateful for. This journal will do just that!

28. Yoga Starter Kit

Has yoga been something you want to make part of your daily wellness routine? This yoga starter kit is the perfect gift for beginners! 

29. Glass Water Bottle Infuser

Water fuels the body as well as cleanses the body. But drinking plain water is not for everyone that loves to drink water. So make drinking water more exotic by trying this glass water bottle infuser to infuse water with endless ideas like cucumbers and mint! 

30. E-Reader

Do you know someone that loves to read and has so many books that you can barely count? Give the gift of an e-reader. It’s convenient and they can have all their favorite books at the pal of their hands.  Whether they read at the park or in-between breaks at work. 

31. Massager

Who doesn’t need a great massage? This is a great massager for anyone needed to get that extra tension from their neck or just a simple head massage. 

32. Weekend Bag

A weekend trip to get away from the stresses of life is essential for everyone. Knowing that you can have a bag packed a ready to go when time permits is the best gift to give.  

33. Hand Cream


Taking care of yourself is key. Sometimes the smallest things like our hands need attention too! Give the gift of this nourishing hand cream made with argon oil. Perfect for the winter season. 

37. Nail Polish

There is no better way to practice self-care by taking the time to paint your nails. This cruelty free nail polish is a great gift! 

Books about Self-care and Wellness

34. A Book

Whole Beauty is an amazing book about introducing Ayurveda practices into your life. The book has great diy recipes for household cleaners, deodorants, and other beauty essentials. 

35. A book for Self-Care & Wellness

High Vibrational Beauty is another favorite book I have enjoyed. It’s broken down into the different seasons for rituals you should be doing for the body. It gives recipes, suggestions for the seasons, and diy beauty products. 

36. A Book

Let’s read about Hygge! This a great book to read if you are wanting to make change in your life. To want to live a happier and cozier life. This is a great gift idea! 

I hope you find these ideas for self-care and wellness helpful! Self-care and wellness is important to the overall mental health for anyone who need to take time for themselves. Happy Shopping! 

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