The Most Amazing Water Bottle I Have Ever Purchased!

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a sponsored post. However affiliate links are used, which means that I earn a small commission if you click the link and make a purchase.

Who loves water? I do! I never liked drinking cold water because most of the water bottles I purchased in the past never kept my water cold. So I just stuck with drinking water at room temperate. WONK! WONK! WONK!

So that was my life enjoying room temperature water in sunny Florida on those hot summer days. So sad….I know. Can you imagine drinking room temperature water in Florida? It’s a very unfortunate situation.

One day I was enjoying an afternoon of binge watching YouTube when I came across this bottle in the background that said The Coldest Water. I let my a curiosity get the best of me and so I did what any normal person would do and consulted Uncle Google to see what’s up with this water bottle.

You guys let me tell you I was sold when I read that this bottle keeps your water cold up to 36+ hours. I was like heck Yeah!

The Coldest Waterbottle is amazing. Let me give you the specs on this lovely bottle.

I have had my water bottle for about two weeks now and I can truly say it has lived up to staying cold. The instructions state to fill bottle with ice depending on the size of your ice I would say don’t over fill because you will learn the hard way with spillage.

After that fill bottle with water and enjoy. It’s can’t get any simpler than that! You are on your way to enjoying a full day of cold water. To my amazement the following morning, the bottle still contained the ice I previously put in the day before. Okay the ice got smaller but it was still in there floating around keeping my water cold.

This is sleek water bottle perfect for any lifestyle whether your are a runner, into fitness and/or training, or a person like myself looking water a water bottle that does exactly what is says its going to do. This is perfect for your son or daughter that are active in sports because we know how hot and grueling those afternoon practices can be.

The Coldest Water has been a pal to me when I go pick of my kids from school, going to the museums with my family, or just being more mindful to drink more water. Water is what our body needs to thrive and flourish.

Start 2019 with a gift to yourself with an amazing bottle that will motivate you to drink more water and begin a healthier lifestyle!

Until Next Time!



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