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I started this journey with an open mind, comfy socks, and ready to bake! I never knew about the Danish art of cozy living, but I am willing to try anything at this point in my life to start taking thing easy and enjoy the simple thing I life.

I am starting 2019 with a different focus or intent for this new year. I am intentionally making small changes in my life because I want to be happier. October 2018 changed my life for the worse as well as for the better because I experienced the worst hurricane in my life time. I have always resided in Florida and experienced several hurricanes. This one was different. Hurricane Michael devastated my community.

Everything changed for my family and myself. The sadness and helplessness I witnessed devastated my heart.

Now that 2018 is behind me I want to live my life with the intent to live a happier grateful life.

I started my research for the happiest people on earth and I came across an article about the Danes. The wonderful people of Denmark are known to be the happiest people on earth. How is this possible? The people of Demark have a mindset of Hygge! Hygge is the feeling of contentment and comfort.

I wanted to have that lifestyle, but I didn’t know where to begin or where to start. I took the Pinterest (where would we be without Pinterest?) and found a couple of pins and started to incorporate the ideas into my daily life.

At this current moment I am enjoying reading “Hygge“, “The Little Book of Hygge“, and “Hygge: The Danish Art of Happiness“. I have grown to have an appreciation for Hygge because it’s about living with the simple things in life and learning to be content and learning gratitude. The Danes have long dark winters so instead of being down and upset not being able to go outside they have created a lifestyle of making being indoors a great thing.

The Danes have mastered the art of being indoors and being happy. With the weather agasint them with having long winters they managed to come up with the art of living cozy, togetherness, and just appreciating the smaller things in life.
Living in the US I feel that most Americans, we tend to be attached to our devices and not connecting with ourselves and with others.

This 2019 I have declared Hygge or myself. Learning togetherness, being cozy, and learning contentment and gratitude. This is a time to shift my life away from negative media and people, meditate, practice self-care, and learn to make things from scratch. To charish alone time and take up a hobby or learn new crafts. It’s about making the best out of what is given in life and be grateful with what we have.

Let’s make 2019 a time for shifting our lives towards happiness and contentment. To explore the idea that you can be happy but it take effort, will power, and determination.

Unti next time!



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  1. Hygge sounds wonderful! I definitely will be checking out the links you included, and doing some more research on Hygge. When it comes to getting it right, the Danish always seem to be one step ahead. Practicing more self-care is definitely one of my personal goals this year! Sending tons of positivity your way! Can’t wait to see where 2019 takes you. ☺️


    1. Thanks for the support. I have definitely prepared for Hygge and not realizing it. Once I started reading up on Hggye I realized I began to transition my blog before I knew about it. I love how simple the concept is so there is no way to get this wrong. The Danes know what they are doing. Best of luck. And thanks for the positivity it’s greatly appreciated💫

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